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CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
DMAT - Disaster Medical Assistance Team
DMORT - Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
DoD - Department of Defense
DOE - Department of Energy
DOJ - Department of Justice
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
HazMat - Hazardous Material
HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
ICS - Incident Command System
LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee
MMRS - Metropolitan Medical Response System
NBC – Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
NDMS - National Disaster Medical System
NDPO – National Domestic Preparedness Office
NMRT – National Medical Response Team
NTIS - National Technical Information Service
OEP - Office of Emergency Preparedness
OSLDPS - Office for State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support
PHS – Public Health Service
RRIS - Rapid Response Information System
VA – Department of Veterans Affairs
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

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