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Updated Smallpox Vaccine and Heart Problems
Interim smallpox fact sheet with information regarding vaccine and heart
problems.  This document provides precautions and guidelines for getting
the smallpox vaccine if the patient has heart problems. http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/smallpox/vaccination/heartproblems.asp

ANSER Institute for Homeland Security

Dark Winter Final Script

Dark Winter-  Lessons Learned

Smallpox: Department of Health and Human Services
The Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new Web site, www.smallpox.gov, that answers questions about smallpox and the president’s vaccination plan. HHS recommends the site for those who will be receiving the smallpox vaccination or are debating getting the inoculation.

In a press release, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson said, “This is a complicated issue that involves a careful balance between the possibility that smallpox might actually be released at some time by terrorists … and we need to have answers easily available.”

Smallpox: From Past to Present

Smallpox Laboratory Testing
Smallpox as a Bioterrorism Threat
Wadsworth Center Response

Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines (Version 3.0)
This document outlines the public health strategies that would guide the public health response to a smallpox emergency and many of the federal, state, and local public health activities that must be undertaken in a smallpox outbreak.

Guide E: Communication Activities and Planning was UPDATED on June 23, 2004.

Smallpox Vaccination Brochure
Vaccination Methods and Reactions
For additional information, go to www.bt.cdc.gov/training/smallpoxvaccine/reactions.

World Health Organization (WHO)
Smallpox comparison to chicken pox/diagnosis

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