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West Nile Virus

2004 West Nile Virus Activity
Provides WNV activity information in the United States as of November 8, 2004.

West Nile Virus Audio News Releases, September, 2004
Audio news releases for media outlet use:

What You Need to Know about Mosquito Repellent

Fact sheet: West Nile Virus What You Need to Know

Fight the Bite: Avoid Mosquito Bites to Avoid Infection

Protecting Yourself and Your Community from West Nile Virus
CDC and the Rotary Clubs of Fort Collins, Colorado have produced and distributed an educational video and CD-ROM about West Nile virus and how individuals and communities can take action to prevent infection. This video is available to public health departments and community groups to educate people about this important public health concern and to involve communities in prevention.

Maps of West Nile Virus Activity
Provides updated maps showing West Nile virus activity and
WNV viremic blood donor activity in the United States .

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