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Where can I find information on the Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Call Center?
Please click here for more information.

How can I find job opportunities with your member hospitals?
Please see http://assoc.healthecareers.com/aha.

Where is the AHA Hospital Consumer Assist website located?
Please see http://www.hospitalconsumerassist.com.

Where can I find a listing of the AHA’s preferred local hotels?
Please see http://www.arkhospitals.org/calendarpdf/Hotel%20Rates.pdf.

Where is the Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association (AHAA) archive located?
Please see http://www.arkhospitals.org/publications/ahaa-auxiliaries. Also, to check out the Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association (AHAA)’s new website, click here!

Where are the Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association (AHAA) forms located?
Please see http://www.arkhospitals.org/publications/ahaa-auxiliaries/ahaa-additional-resources.

Where is the Arkansas Health Executives Forum (AHEF) website located?
AHEF’s website is at http://ahef.ache.org/.

Who do I contact about speaking at one of your events?
Please contact Lyndsey Dumas at ldumas@arkhospitals.org.

How do I become a member of AHA?
Please contact Debbie Love at dlove@arkhospitals.org.

How do I get information about (or join) the following affiliated organizations:

Where can I find AHA Annual Meeting and Trade Show information?
Please see http://www.arhospitals.org/events/annual-meeting for AHA Annual Meeting information and http://www.arhospitals.org/resources/virtual-tradeshow for AHA Trade Show information.

How can I find a hospital in my city?
Please see http://www.arhospitals.org/hospital-directory for information regarding AHA member institutions.

How can I get CEUs?
The following continuing education may be offered:

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), http://www.arna.org/snas/ar/ce

Risk Management, http://www.ashrm.org/ashrm/education/programs/cred

Quality (CPHQ), http://www.nahq.org/journal/ce/cphq.html
Legal (CLE), http://courts.arkansas.gov/opp/continue_legal.cfm
Compliance, http://www.hcca-info.org/Content/NavigationMenu/CHCCe


How can I get a copy of Arkansas Hospitals?
Please contact Elisa White at elisawhite@arkhospitals.org.

What are the future dates of the AHA Annual Meeting and Trade Show?
All dates are Wednesday-Friday with the Trade Show on Thursday:

  • 2017, October 4-6
  • 2018, October 3-5
  • 2019, October 2-4
  • 2020, October 7-9

Who do I speak with if I have a hospital complaint?
The Arkansas Department of Health’s Licensure Division is a state agency that regulates hospitals.  Their number is (501) 661-2000.

How do I register for a meeting?

Registrar information is available on each program located on our events calendar at http://www.arkhospitals.org/events.  Fax or mail your registration to the indicated registrar.

Where can I retrieve a UB92 form?
Visit the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) Web site at www.NUBC.org.

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