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Support Medicaid Expansion!

The Arkansas General Assembly is considering the issue of Medicaid expansion and it is the most critical economic, fiscal and health issue facing Arkansas right now.

We need the membership of the Arkansas Hospital Association (AHA) to tell your state legislator to support Medicaid expansion.

We ask hospital trustees, auxilians and employees to contact your state legislator and tell them how important your hospital is to your community.

In order to make this as easy as possible for the AHA membership, we have created the website  http://www.arhealthandjobs.com/. The website contains background information on Medicaid expansion, and allows you to easily identify and send an e-mail to your state legislator.

Ultimately, whether Arkansas creates jobs or loses jobs, whether our people in need get access to health care or not, whether our federal tax dollars come back to Arkansas or subsidize other states are all questions our legislators will decide.  That is why they need to hear from you.  Your e-mails have an impact, so please act today!

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