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Arkansas On The CUSP: Stop BSI

Arkansas is part of an exciting multi-state initiative to reduce central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs).  This two-year project is led by the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Quality & Safety Research Group (JHU QSRG) and the Keystone Center for Patient Safety and Quality of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA Keystone).

The CUSP Model

Part of improving patient safety begins with observing and assessing a hospital’s culture, then identifying the areas on which to focus your efforts.  JHU QSRG created the Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program (CUSP) model, which supports local efforts to reduce hospital acquired infections and complications, and also improves nurse and physician satisfaction. CUSP lets hospital staff identify safety concerns, learn about successful approaches, develop and initiate solutions, and perform regular safety assessments.  The On The CUSP: Stop BSI Project uses CUSP to focus on reducing infections, including CLABSIs.  The six-step CUSP process is to:

  • Evaluate—a hospital unit’s culture of safety
  • Educate—staff on the science of safety
  • Identify—defects from safety surveys and incident reports
  • Assign—an executive to “adopt” the unit
  • Learn—from one identified defect each month
  • Assess—the culture of safety regularly

Project Goals

  1. To replicate the success of the Michigan Keystone/John Hopkins project to reduce the mean CLABSI rate within the State of Arkansas to less than one per 1,000 catheter days in participating hospitals by implementing CUSP
  2. To improve safety culture in participating hospitals using CUSP
  3. To develop a statewide model for implementing and disseminating patient safety initiatives throughout the state.

Recognizing blood stream infections occur outside the ICU, Arkansas on the CUSP will also include non-ICU units in the CUSP project.  Plans are being formulated to add work on catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) to the project using the CUSP approach.

Arkansas Coaching Calls
Calls occur at 1 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month.

These monthly coaching calls allow participating Arkansas hospitals to learn from each other and ask questions of assigned JHU QSRG and MHA Keystone Project Advisors. Topics may include implementing CUSP, CLABSI elimination techniques and strategies, and data submission or reporting.

For additional information, contact the State Coordinator for the Project, Elisa White, at (501) 224-7878 or elisawhite@arkhospitals.org.

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