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What is AHA Analytics?

AHA Analytics is the Arkansas Hospital Association’s data program. We support member hospitals by providing access to timely and accurate data and statistics. AHA Analytics produces statistical briefs and reports to support member and association activities; manages annual survey efforts, including the Arkansas Hospital Association Compensation and Benefits Survey; maintains the Hospital Consumer Assist online resource; and manages the AHA Analytics website.

The AHA Analytics website is a secure site that offers a wealth of hospital-specific data and statistics on topics like financial performance, market share, the impact of Medicare rules, and quality. Fully participating hospitals also have access to an interactive query system with hospital-level discharge data to look at a variety of different topics, such as market share, volume and practice patterns, and quality performance benchmarking. Prepared hospital-specific reports are updated regularly, and updates to the interactive discharge data system occur quarterly.

AHA's Discharge Data Program: How to Get Started

The AHA Analytics discharge data program is a member service and all members are invited to join. Because of federal and state laws and regulations governing the collection and exchange of health care data, hospital CEOs must sign and return an AHA Data Program Agreement (BAA) and AHA Data Program Commitment Letter. After the program agreement materials are complete – and after a submission is approved – new users are issued login credentials and asked to submit inpatient and ED discharge data through our secure web portal. The hospital will then have access to the interactive query system at the following quarterly update.  For more information on participating, please contact our Director of Data, Melanie Thomasson.

How to Gain Access to the AHA Analytics Website

All CEOs and designated staff members at member hospitals have access to their reports. CEOs (and individuals whom they authorize) may request access for additional staff members by completing and returning an “Authorization for Access to Hospital-Specific Reports” form, either for their individual facility or for their system. Each user's access is customizable: They may be granted access to reports relevant to strategic planning, quality, or both; all users have access to community health reports. After a new user is designated, they will complete an Individual User Agreement, acknowledging that they will follow the Data Release Policy.  

Complete these forms to gain access to the website and reports:



Melanie Thomasson
Vice President of Financial Policy and Data Analytics
(501) 224-7878
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The electronic forms may be completed in Adobe Acrobat or printed, completed, and scanned in. They should be returned via email to our Director of Data, Melanie Thomasson.  When we have received your materials, we'll send new users login and program information.