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Thursday, October 22, 2020

This content has been provided by Clearwater, a Silver Sponsor of the 2020 AHA Annual Meeting.

Clearwawter: Get the clear perspective on your cyber risks

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health systems have seen a large percentage of their workforce start working remotely while many providers have begun seeing patients remotely as well. This shift has created new threats and vulnerabilities that potentially can hinder an organization from fulfilling its mission.


The HIPAA Security Rule maintains that a risk analysis must be performed as new systems and technologies are implemented, or there are any material environmental changes. The new systems and processes should be analyzed to ensure patient data is reasonably and appropriately protected and existing security measures are reasonable and appropriate to protect against the risks associated with evolving threats and vulnerabilities.


But from both a regulatory and a security perspective, it’s not enough to simply perform a risk analysis. The HIPAA Security Rule requires and today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands that organizations respond to the risks identified appropriately and effectively.


Access this white paper from Clearwater, the industry leader in HIPAA compliance and cyber risk management solutions, for step-by-step guidance in moving from risk analysis to risk response.

Stay safe and stay well,


Steve Rice, HCISPP | Vice President, Sales, Clearwater


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