CAH CMS CoPs 2020 Webinar Series - Session 3

CAH CMS CoPs 2020 Webinar Series - Session 3

This series has been cancelled. The host state is working to reschedule the series.

Session 3: Medication and Infection Control (A 4-Part Series)

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Session four will discuss the many sections of the manual that were rewritten in 2015 including nursing, drugs and biologicals, pharmacy, and infection control; the CMS infection control worksheet that may be helpful to CAHs; that insulin pens can be used on one patient only; the need for an order to allow the patient to self-administer medications; the three time frames in which to administer medications; and CMS's requirement that a plan of care be done.

This is session three of a four-part series. See additional dates for this September series on the AHA calendar.

9/23/2020 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM