CAH CoPs 2021: Ensuring Compliance- Part 4

CAH CoPs 2021: Ensuring Compliance- Part 4

This five-part webinar series will cover the entire CAH CoP manual. It is a great way to educate everyone in your hospital on all the sections in the CMS hospital manual – especially ones that apply to their department. Common deficiencies and how to avoid them will be discussed. Hospitals will learn how to do a gap analysis to increase compliance.

Part 4: Radiology, Organ Procurement, Rehab, Visitation, Medical Records, QAPI, and Swing Beds

At the conclusion of part four, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the informed consent elements required by CMS
  • Describe the requirements for history and physicals for CAH
  • List what must be contained in the operative report
  • Discuss what the CAH must do to comply with the requirements for notification of the organ procurement (OPO) agency when a patient expires
  • Explain that CMS has many patient rights that are afforded to patients in swing beds
  • Identify that hospitals must have a visitation policy and patients must be informed

Target Audience:  CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Nurse Executives, Accreditation and Regulation Directors, Nurse Managers, Pharmacists, Quality Managers, Risk Managers, Health Care Attorneys, Health Information Management Personnel, Social Workers, Dieticians, Nurses, Nurse Educators, Nursing Supervisors, Patient Safety Officers, Infection Preventionists, Radiology Directors, Laboratory Directors, Emergency Department Directors, Outpatient Directors, Medication Teams, Ethicists, Directors of Rehab (OT, PT, speech pathology, and audiology), OR Supervisors, OR Staff, CRNAs, and Anesthesia Providers

For more information on this event and to download the brochure,
click here: CAH CoPs 2021: Ensuring Compliance- Part Four: Radiology,
Organ Procurement, Rehab, Visitation, Medical Records, QAPI, and Swing Beds

2/9/2021 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM