Tracking the Push for Price Transparency in Health Care

Tracking the Push for Price Transparency in Health Care
For the first time, the health care industry is being held to a high standard of price transparency. Increasing demands from the federal government, media reports of ‘surprise billing,’ and provider reluctance to deal with the time, effort, and red tape required to be more price transparent have only increased the demand for price transparency.

The core idea that health care providers should be upfront about their prices is a bold and complex issue involving perspectives from many different stakeholders. 

One voice is overlooked: the health care consumer. Long before they put on a gown – and long after they leave – the health care consumer is deeply concerned with understanding the prices they’ll pay – and how the payment process will play out.

In this virtual event, we'll put ourselves into the shoes of health care consumers to best understand the call to share pricing. We'll also discuss the specific role of hospitals and health systems. In the end, we'll seek clarity on the issue and where we go from here to meet consumers in the middle.

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The AHA is authorized to award 1.25 hours of pre-approved ACHE Qualified Education credit (non-ACHE) for this event toward advancement, or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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The Final Frontier: Tracking the Push for Price Transparency in Health Care

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3/2/2021 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Virtual Event