CMS CoPs 2021 Series: Session 3

CMS CoPs 2021 Series: Session 3

Series Overview
This five-part webinar series will cover the entire CMS Hospital CoP manual. Hospitals have seen a significant increase in survey activity by CMS until COVID-19 hit. However, CMS is still conducting limited surveys, especially when there has been a complaint or indications of immediate jeopardy. This program will discuss the most problematic standards and how the hospital can do a gap analysis to assist in compliance with the CoPs.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss that all protocols should be approved by the Medical Staff and an order entered into the
  medical record and signed off
• Explain that there are many pharmacy policies required by CMS
• Discuss that a nursing care plan must be in writing, started soon after admission and maintained in
  the medical record
• Describe that the hospital must have a safe opioid policy approved by the MEC and staff must be
  educated on the policy

Target Audience: 
CEOs and COOs, CNOs, Nurses & Medical Staff, Chief Legal Officers, Quality Managers, Nurse Educators, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, Chief of Health Information, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Patient Safety Officers, Outpatient Directors, Directors of Rehab, Infection Control, and Directors of Radiology

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4/21/2021 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM