Governance Series: Conflicts of Interest (Session 1)

Governance Series: Conflicts of Interest (Session 1)

Session One: Conflicts of Interest- Is it Illegal?
Every year, hospitals and health systems ask their board members to review the conflict of interest policy and answer questions about whether they have any conflicts of interest with the institutions they govern. An Internal Revenue Service study showed that 46% of US nonprofit hospitals had at least one board member or officer with business ties to the hospital, either directly or through a relative. This session will remove the sense of taboo, explaining the true risks of conflicts of interest and how to manage them.

Series Overview
Trustees play a significant role in the transformation of health care and must demonstrate strong leadership to navigate through their organizations’ challenges. Hospitals and health systems need dedicated and knowledgeable people willing to commit their time, expertise, experience and leadership to their hospitals, their missions, and their communities. This webinar series will provide participants with the tools to become more effective in their board service. 

Learning Objectives
•    Describe the governmental agencies that are concerned about conflicts of interest
•    Discuss the penalties that may be imposed for certain conflicts of interest
•    Identify conflicts of interest
•    Identify how conflicts of interest can affect health institutions’ public relations

Target Audience:
Hospital and Health System Trustees, CEOs and Senior Executives and other leaders with governance responsibilities

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click here: Session One: Conflicts of Interest- Is it Illegal?

5/11/2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM