Social Media for Governing Boards: Opportunities & Pitfalls

Social Media for Governing Boards: Opportunities & Pitfalls

Social media is a vital tool for hospitals and health care organizations to connect with their patients and greater communities. Now, more than ever, communication via social media platforms is essential for the delivery of pertinent and timely information. When used regularly and correctly, social media is an incredible lifeline to your hospital’s audience and a valuable marketing tool to grow your base and improve your customer service.

But social media has its pitfalls, too. This webinar with health care governance expert Kevin Reed (Reed Claymon, LLC) will explore both the opportunities and dangers of social media – and how board members and executive leadership can avoid making major missteps in the various platforms that exist. Learn about new and developing social media platforms for your hospital, utilizing social media to magnify the positive of your organization (and respond to the negative), legal issues that exist, and best practices for using these online communication tools – at your literal fingertips!

Target Audience: Board Members, CEOs, and Senior Leaders

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5/12/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM