Employment Law Series: From Facebook to Firearms (Session 2)

Employment Law Series: From Facebook to Firearms (Session 2)

From Facebook to Firearms: How to Protect Your Organization From Threats and Violence
Faculty: Heidi Guttau, Partner, Baird Holm
This session will examine what to do if someone threatens to harm an employee, a customer or someone else on your property and what to do if they do commit a violent crime on the premises. This session also will cover the legal steps employers can take to protect themselves and others against threatening and potentially violent people. Discussion will focus on methods for anticipating and reducing the likelihood of employee violence, mitigating liability to victims and preventing negligent hiring, supervision and retention. 

Learning Objectives
•    Describe when and how a business can protect itself using restraining
•    Discuss various strategies for dealing with violent employees, customers and patients
•    Identify how to avoid negligent hiring, retention and supervision claims

Target Audience:
Health Care Human Resource Professionals, Attorneys, C-Suite Leadership, and staff who manage employees

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6/22/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM