CMS CoP Made Easy 2020 (Webinar Series) - Session 2

CMS CoP Made Easy 2020 (Webinar Series) - Session 2

Session 2: Restraints and Patient Rights (A 5-Part Series)

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Session two will review the CMS restraint standards that hospitals must follow; describe that the patient has a right to file a grievance and the hospital must have a grievance policy and procedure in place; review that interpreters should be provided for patients with limited English proficiency and this should be documented in the medical record; and discuss that the term licensed independent practitioner has been changed to licensed practitioner to allow PAs to order restraints.

This is session two of a five-part series. See additional dates for this series on the AHA calendar or in the link below.

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8/5/2020 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM