CPT 2021 Procedure Coding Changes

CPT 2021 Procedure Coding Changes

The 2021 CPT® manual will contain many changes including new sequencing and clarification of code usage. Keeping up with critical changes continues to be a serious challenge for coding professionals. 

CPT® 2021 Procedure Coding Changes delivers a comprehensive overview of 2021 CPT® changes, including new, revised and deleted codes. The course will take participants through the changes, explaining in detail how they will impact physicians and hospital coding professionals.

Participants will work through exercises to show how these codes are used, so it is important for attendees to have a CPT® 2021 codebook (Professional Edition preferred) on-hand to facilitate understanding of the new material and to participate in coding exercises

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 CPT 2021 Procedure Coding Changes

12/10/2020 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
Virtual Event