ADH Updates on Acquisition and Use of Monoclonal Antibody Therapies

Earlier today, the Arkansas Department of Health hosted a Monoclonal Antibody Therapy update call. Several important updates were provided by Dr. Atul Kothari and his team. They addressed several concerns and points of confusion around recent REGEN-COV orders and shipments:

  • Amerisource Bergen expended its resources of REGEN-COV over the last two weeks, which caused some delivery delays, as we previously noted.
  • Different formulations and different packaging have been shipped, causing some confusion. ADH shared a guide with information to answer questions that this raised.
  • Some shipments were sent with old FDA packaging, also causing confusion.
  • Several IT issues caused pending orders to be cancelled.
  • Some credit/licensing holds are still pending, creating additional delays.
  • FedEx shipping delays have caused spoilage in some product. If you have experienced spoilage due to shipping, please contact Regeneron directly (contact information in slide deck).

  • Amerisource Bergen has developed an action plan to get caught up on shipping delays, and a large shipment will be delivered over the weekend or Monday. They have also implemented new IT solutions to help with portal discrepancies and order delays.

    We were also notified that the Government has purchased sotrovimab and supplies to states could arrive as early as next week. If you are interested in obtaining sotrovimab, please let ADH know. They also plan to add a question to their ordering "short form" to gather information on whether the ordering facility is willing to receive sotrovimab.

    Dr. Kothari assures us that there is still plenty of stock to supply the needs of Arkansas administration sites. If you are concerned with low supply in your facility, please reach out to the dedicated email address

    Visit the REGEN-COV website for information on all different formulations of their product >>