American Hospital Association Annual Survey is Open

Materials for the American Hospital Association’s 2019 Annual Survey were sent to hospital CEOs yesterday. The survey can be completed online and accessed by multiple users within a hospital. Entering the data online allows hospitals to receive real-time reports, which confirm the accuracy of entry before submission and provide valuable benchmarks and analytic tools.

The purpose of the Annual Survey is to collect accurate and updated information which healthcare leaders, policy makers, researchers, and consumers will use to get a snapshot of the nation’s hospital provider market. In addition, the Annual Survey is the information source for the AHA Guide®, Hospital Statistics™ and U.S. News & World Report’s Directory of America’s Hospitals. Each hospital’s response assures that its information will be accurately represented in these resources.

Even more importantly, participating in the Annual Survey also keeps hospitals in compliance with provisions of Arkansas Act 670 of 1995, which designates the ADH as the state health data clearinghouse and gives it the authority to collect hospital information, including data on facility utilization and services. The law mandates that all hospitals submit data required by the ADH. In lieu of the department conducting a separate survey, each hospital’s response to the AHA Annual Survey will be shared with ADH, fulfilling that obligation.

Please complete and submit the Annual Survey by May 8, 2020. We understand that this deadline may be difficult and are corresponding with AmHA about the possibility of extensions; however, because of the importance of this data collection, please try to complete it by this date. You may contact Melanie Thomasson, AHA Director of Data, at if you have any questions.