Arkansas Senate Selects Committee Chairs and Members

Today, on November 6, 2020, the newly elected legislators met to begin to organize for Arkansas’s 93rd General Assembly, set to begin on January 11, 2021.

While both chambers usually meet the Friday after the Tuesday elections to select their committee memberships, seats in their respective chambers, parking places, and office spaces, only the Senate accomplished those tasks. Because there are two House of Representatives races that have not yet declared a winner, the House was unable to officially organize. When winners have been declared for House District 32 and House District 38, the House will convene under Speaker Matthew Shepherd’s leadership to prepare for the upcoming session.

The Senate chose as its new President pro tem Jimmy Hickey Jr., and they selected committee memberships and chairs. Of special note for hospital-specific issues:

  • The Senate Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee will be chaired by Senator Cecile Bledsoe, and Senator Scott Flippo will serve as vice chair. Other members of that committee are Senators Dave Wallace, Kim Hammer, Dan Sullivan, Ben Gilmore, Bart Hester, and Breanne Davis.
  • The Senate Insurance and Commerce Committee will be chaired by Senator Jim Hendren, and longtime hospital supporter Senator Larry Teague will serve as vice chair. Other members of that committee are Senators Keith Ingram, Joyce Elliott, Missy Irvin, Jonathan Dismang, Jimmy Hickey, and Mat Pitsch.
  • The Joint Budget Committee Senate Chair will be Senator Jonathan Dismang, and the Vice Chair will be Senator Dave Wallace.


For more information about the organizational meetings, please feel free to contact our Executive Vice President, Jodiane Tritt, at