Right now, lots of things in our lives are on hold. But now is not the time to put your health on hold.  Here's why:

Hospitals, health systems, and clinics are a safe place to seek care now, as always, no matter what your health needs are.

Arkansas hospitals have been working tirelessly to equip themselves with the necessary technology, facilities, and supplies they need to face the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, while educating and protecting health care workers and providing information to their communities about how to stay safe and healthy.

We have taken extra precautions to ensure our employees and patients are safe. COVID-19 has enhanced our already intensive patient safety efforts, and we are doing everything possible to keep staff safe as well. Depending on the type and size of the facility you visit, you will see additional precautions, including intensive cleaning processes, in all areas of the hospital, particularly the emergency department and intensive care units.

Arkansas's hospitals are staffed with infection prevention and emergency care experts. 

In an ongoing emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for safe medical care becomes more essential than ever. 

Our hospitals safely manage infectious diseases every day. Since well before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of our patients has been our top priority. We will continue to provide safe, effective, patient-centered care in our facilities. We are equipped to protect the healthy while we care for the sick and injured.

Emergent, non-emergent, and preventive care is still available to Arkansans, 24 hours a day; and it is safe to access that care when you need to.

Hospitals are carefully following the latest guidance and direction of our public health experts. 

We are closely monitoring and adopting new findings and following clinical protocols developed by expert scientists and clinicians in every discipline of care. 

Emergencies happen whether or not there's a pandemic, and hospitals are specialists in emergency care. 

Do not delay care for heart attacks, strokes, falls, or other urgent needs.

Don't delay non-emergent treatment either; delaying diagnosis and treatment can put you at great risk.