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Today, more than ever, Arkansas's hospitals and health systems are engaged in – and dedicated to – the ongoing work of ensuring patients' safety and delivering high-quality care. Providing each patient with the best outcome possible means avoiding preventable harm and delivering precisely the care they need, with an emphasis on the quality of care.

Our state's hospitals have embraced technology that mitigates risk, implemented high-reliability practices, and invested in – and engaged with – strategic quality improvement initiatives. Hospitals now talk about creating "cultures of safety," an ethic that starts with leaders. Between 2014 and 2018, hospitals directly engaged in the American Hospital Association's Hospital Improvement Innovation Network program, or HIIN, saved $1.2 billion in health care costs, prevented 141,000 harms, and saved 14,000 lives.

AHA's Quality Team works closely with care teams in member hospitals throughout the state. Explore the topics below to learn more about our work.