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Our communications services are designed to keep our members informed, supported, and connected. We provide hospital leaders with the tools and assistance they need to share their own hospital's story, to take part in the larger conversation surrounding health care topics and ideas, and to amplify their reach – strengthening the sense of community among hospitals in our state.

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340B Advocacy Meeting September 16

Posted on 9/12/2020
Join the Arkansas Hospital Association for the next 340B Advocacy Meeting September 16th at 10 a.m. In this meeting, we will discuss the importance of 340B and will outline the next steps we must take to advocate together...

District Court Strikes Down DOL Rule

Posted on 9/11/2020
Last week, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York struck most of the elements of the Department of Labor’s new “joint employer” definition...

ADH Partners with Baptist Health to Increase Testing Capacity

Posted on 9/11/2020
The Arkansas Department of Health announced this week that it will partner with Baptist Health to increase its COVID-19 testing capacity by 20%...

Non-Partisan Voting & Election Resources for Hospitals

Posted on 9/11/2020
The American Hospital Association has launched a "We Care, We Vote" campaign, with a website featuring a variety of non-partisan resources...

US Supreme Court Sets Date for ACA Oral Arguments

Posted on 9/11/2020
The U.S. Supreme Court set oral argument for the Affordable Care Act challenge for November 10, 2020 – one week after the election...



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